Basement Development Basics

When clients first approach us for a quote to develop their basement there is always one big question right off the top. " How much will it cost per square foot to develop my basement ?"

Cost Considerations

While this question is both fair and understandable, it can be a difficult question to answer accurately. Many of the costs associated with basement developments are rather static and divisible directly into the square footage of the entire basement.

The first thing we need to do in order to determine the cost of your basement development ideas is to determine a few of the key features that you would like to have in your new basement development.

Bathrooms for example, are typically smaller spaces but for this reason you will notice that the cost per square foot on bathroom developments or bathroom remodeling is usually much higher than other areas of renovation. Bathroom development costs can also vary drastically depending on the type of products you would like installed. Adding soak tubs, jetted tubs, ceramic tile, in for heating or different plumbing fixtures can affect the final bathroom development or bathroom upgrade project pricing significantly.

Flooring choice for basement development projects can also play a huge factor in terms of how much your basement development will cost. Making choices between warm flooring like carpet or cork or choosing the popular LVP products for your basement are big decisions and take some serious consideration. Insulated sub-floor products are popular with clients who prefer a hard flooring product while maintaining a warmer flooring feel on the concrete.

Kitchens and bars are both popular basement development ideas also. Once again though clients need to put careful consideration into the types of products they are seeking to add a kitchen or bar in their basement. Kitchen cabinet doors, cabinet counter tops, drawer types and kitchen cabinet faces all affect the cost of your basement kitchen or bar area.

Give us a call today to discuss whatever ideas you had about developing your basement. We have the knowledge and experience to quote your basement development or basement renovation accurately and specific to your needs. We are always ready to help you through the process of choosing the products that are going to best suit your needs in your basement renovation.

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