Basement Development Bathrooms

Adding a bathroom to your basement is a great way to add a quality dynamic to the space that you are developing in your basement. The basement development becomes much more functional when a bathroom is included in the basement.

Fixtures and Flooring

The location of the bathroom in your basement development can also play a roll in the cost associated with your project. Typically we try to design the basement development with a bathroom location that is both practical and functional as well as cost effective. Having the bathroom located either close to plumbing access or in an area that isn't extremely difficult to have the pluming rough-in completed.

Bathroom flooring is one area where we can always look to keep costs down when the situation calls for it. Installing products such as lino instead of ceramic tile can make a significant difference in the cost of your bathroom for example. Many people tend to shy away from the thought of lino flooring but with a huge selection of high quality and visually appealing products on the market most clients are pleasantly surprised with the options available to them.

Bathroom fixtures can have a direct impact on the cost of your bathroom also. While we don't recommend installing the cheapest fixtures in your bathroom, we work with our clients suggesting a happy medium of quality bathroom fixtures and reasonable pricing. With extensive experience and resources set up specifically for home renovations and basement developments we are well versed in a wide range of product availability.

For all of your home renovations, basement developments and bathroom remodeling needs, you can give us a call and discuss the multitude of options available that you may not be aware of. We are always interested in exploring a wide range of options in the process of achieving our clients goals.

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