Basement Development Flooring

As with all types of major renovations, flooring choices for your basement development are an important part of the planning process. Many clients over all concerns regarding the flooring they choose for their basement is warmth. Installing carpet in a basement is a common way of achieving this goal. Other products like cork flooring also have a distinct ability to provide some insulation between cold feet and concrete. However, many clients are understandably attracted to the style and functionality that hard flooring has over carpet or cork. Products like LVP, Laminate, Ceramic tile for bathrooms and kitchens, or lino for bathrooms can also produce a warmer surface if the right under-lay, body and backings are chosen.

Flooring Options

LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) and Laminate are both popular choice among many of the clients doing renovations. LVP can be a very versatile product for basement developments, kitchens and bathrooms or even and complete home renovation.

Carpet is also an excellent choice for basement renovations. With a quality pad under a quality grade carpet it is always a nice addition to the original concrete floor before you decided to renovate your basement.

Cork flooring is a warm product that some clients find attractive for both its insulation value against the concrete and its unique feeling. Many types of other products can be used that have a cork backing on them the utilize the softer cushion feel of cork flooring.

Lino and Ceramic tile are also popular types of flooring for the kitchen and bathroom areas of most renovations also. Lino has the distinct advantage of keeping costs down for projects that require reduced costs, while ceramic tile is typically a higher cost item its infinite choice of colours and patterns is definitely a strong point.

Insulated Sub-Floors are a popular choice among the basement development clients. Although these products will increase the square footage cost of your flooring, having the warmer surface is obviously attractive to many people.

Whatever your choice in flooring we have extensive knowledge, experience and a wide range of flooring products available to suit your renovation project. Give us a call today to discuss any of your renovation ideas we are always up to the challenge of achieving your renovation goals.

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