Expand your living space

Developing your basement space is a great way to both expand your living space and increase the value of your home. The warm and comfortable feeling of quality carpet on your feet as you walk down the stairs is just the beginning of having your basement space comfortable. Add an extra bedroom for when your family and friends visit. Make a play space for the kids to enjoy. Add a bathroom to your basement to really bring the living space together.

Keeping it simple

Even the simple things about developing your basement can make a dramatic difference in your home. Are you interested in utilizing your basements extra space but trying to keep costs down? In many cases simply adding a family room to your basement can be a cost effective way to expand your living space.

Extra space for company

Your basement is an excellent place to develop for your family and friends to stay while visiting. Adding an additional bedroom, bathroom and living area to your basement can give them the comfort of having their own sperate space while away from home.

Finish it off !

Is your basement already developed or partially developed? Often the space has been partially developed and never quite completed. We can help ! Perhaps your basement was finished many years ago and simply needs a basement renovation with some home improvement plans and some modern upgrades. New flooring, bathroom fixtures, trims, painting, baseboards and casings can go a long way towards making your basement living space warm and inviting for many years to come.

Maximize your space

Have you always dreamed of having a pool table in your home ? Somewhere to hang out with your friends and family? Add a small kitchen or possibly a bar where you can watch the game and not disturb the rest of the household ? We design and develop many basements geared to recreational use. Developing your basement space to accommodate your favorite hobbies is a great way to utilize all of that basement space.

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